Document Scanning

ACN Technologies provides document scanning, document archiving, document capture and image scanning services for a large variety of applications. Digital technology allows for the distribution of information to infinite locations and is designed for optimal use on a networked application (either Intranet or Internet). The geographical proximity of system components, information and reader is no longer important. High bandwidth networks provide an opportunity to transfer large amounts of information quickly and from remote locations.

Our Services include:

•  Document preparation.
•  Document Scanning.
•  Document Storage Systems.
•  Image clean-up.
•  Image Indexing and Index verification.
•  Scanning text with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and OCR correction.
•  Database creation.
•  Data Conversion.
•  Scanning software.
•  Large Format Scanning.
•  CD/DVD creation.
•  Internet Image Hosting of your Documents with full encryption and security.