Internet Document Management

Would you like to make your documents available to all of your Desktop PCs over the internet?
Would you like to do this without any investment in servers, hard disk storage etc? We can host all of your scanned or print output data on one of our dedicated internet secure servers. Your personnel can then access these documents from their desktop browser with full encryption and high security. We take care of the hardware, software, storage, backups, maintenance and administration for you. No need to wait for your information services department to approve, acquire, and set up internal servers and resources. Many I.S. departments really like this approach because it requires less of their resources.

Are you concerned about privacy and security?
We are an internet aware company and we have a complete infrastructure to turn internet document publishing into a reality for you. We have broadband and high-availability servers to give you speed, safety and comfort. Your documents will be available on a 24/7 basis to your authorized personnel only. But this is not all we have to tell you. You can also scan your documents and send them to us through the Internet. We are not talking about email attachments. We are talking about Image Hosting and Online Scanning.

Feel free to e-mail our experts and ask any questions regarding Internet Document Management