Print Output or C.O.L.D.

Print Output or C.O.L.D. (Computer Output to Laser Disk) is the technology of transferring computer generated reports or other print output to optical disk or CD. Approximately 500,000 pages of computer generated reports will fit on a single CD. This imaging technology is extremely valuable for distributing bulky, cumbersome reports throughout any organization And it eliminates the need to make multiple copies of documents such as invoices, purchase orders, financial statements, etc. This technology also allows you to find any specific information contained anywhere in your reports instantly. For example, you could search through a million pages and find, in a few seconds, all the documents containing account number 12345-AB.Simply type in the name or search criteria and click on the ‘Search’ button. Our viewing software will highlight the result and display the document on your screen.

We also offer you Internet Document Management. That means we can capture printer output and create an Internet available database hosted on one of our secure servers. We are an internet aware company and, as part of our document imaging solutions, we offer you document archiving in our internet infrastructure and the shortest path to make them available worldwide through an unbreachable security pipeline. Document retrieval is not an issue anymore.

Our Services include:
•  Document preparation.
•  Microfilm Scanning and Microfilm Conversion .
•  Image clean-up.
•  Indexing and Index verification .
•  Scanning text with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and OCR correction.
•  Database creation.
•  Data conversion .
•  Scanning software.
•  Data conversion .
•  CD creation .
•  Internet Image Hosting of your Documents with full encryption and security.

We use the finest microfiche and Aperture Card scanners to give you the most accurate electronic record of your documents, as well as the best microfiche scanning conversion system. Our document imaging processing takes advantage of the most advanced scanning software and hardware currently available.

Please e-mail our experts to discuss how we can best apply this technology in your organization.